June 8, 2016

Kerrville Folk Festival and Americana Radio!

A big thanks to all the people at The Kerrville Folk Festival for their hospitality last week. It was an honor to be a part of a great tradition!

kerrville logokerville shot







We’re also happy to say that The Wayside hit #4 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Contemporary Folk chart (climbing all the way up from #28), right next to Patty Griffin and just behind Darrell Scott! The record is also doing really well on national US Americana Radio, climbing from #150 to #79 on the AMA charts in the last three weeks! Another big thanks to all the radio stations out there playing The Wayside, and special thanks to Bill Wence Promotions for their hard work on the record. Thanks guys!

roots music 4

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April 15, 2016

Big News!

ChildFund is an organization that exists to improve the lives of vulnerable and excluded children, help them overcome poverty, and achieve their rights.

 They have great ratings from charity watchdogs: 84.6% of their funds go to program services for children. They do not have a religious affiliation.

childfund pic

As an Artist Partner for ChildFund we will be giving people the opportunity to sponsor a child at shows and online.

A $33 monthly support will ensure your sponsored child is healthy, learning and protected.

In a world of increasing global complexity and vulnerability, sponsoring a child is a great way to make a big difference in one person’s life.


All the best, Kelley & Matt

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April 5, 2016


euroamericana 2016

THE WAYSIDE has debuted at No. 7 on the Euroamericana Charts! So nice to be in such fantastic company – including our friend Carter Sampson who is No. 2!

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